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some updates... "NaPlWriMo," vermont, mets game, red sox, etc. - februarystar27 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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some updates... "NaPlWriMo," vermont, mets game, red sox, etc. [Oct. 7th, 2007|10:38 pm]
[mood |chipperupdatie]
[music |Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench (live from Brighton, UK, 8/17/07)]

I'm uploading another round of pictures to flickr right now, and the web-uploader is slow, so I thought I'd do some mindless blog fun since my updates have been more rare lately. My work doesn't have tomorrow (Columbus Day) off, but I took a vacation day even though we're getting into the thick of production on our big issue. We will be fine though. Brian caught the cold I had last weekend and is now passed out from cold medicine. hehe. He is supposed to go visit his parents tomorrow, but I'm going to try to convince him to reschedule. He needs to get his energy back.. his job is tough enough on him as it is when he's not sick. Either way though I need to try to do some writing tomorrow... well, revisions mostly moreso than new writing.

hehe... I found this site online (I think I found it by browsing around facebook groups) that was like a playwriting take on NaNoWriMo (that thing in November where people try to write a novel in one month). A few things about it were just sillie though. For one, they called it "NaPlWriMo" which (a) doesn't quite have the same ring to it and (b) really should have a vowel in between the "l" and the "W" hehe. It annoys me to look at it. Also, the website says "sorry, no screenplays allowed" when the whole point of starting it up was so that playwrights could feel included and could write a play instead of a novel. So what do they do first but leave out someone else? nice. And screenplays are very similar to standard stage plays (from what I know of them anyway :P) ...more similar than a novel is a to a play. So that just seemed sillie too. But it is a nice idea... last year when I first heard of NaNoWriMo I was like, "they should have one for plays" hehe. I won't have time to do a new play this November though, I know it. I need to fix up what I have first. I'm not really good at just like churning out pages for the sake of churning them out though, which is what those writing-months inspire. I mean, I do do most of my revision after I have a complete draft, but sometimes it's hard for me to move forward if one part just sounds horrible. It also strikes me as a lot easier to write an entire full-length play in one month than an entire novel. It's not just that plays seem easier to write for me... I think most average plays are shorter page-wise than the average novel, or what NaNoWriMo considers novel-length anyway.

We were in Vermont yesterday to visit Brian's aunt again. We were gonna eat lunch at one of the places I have in mind for a wedding site, but the restaurant was closed because they had a wedding scheduled for later that day. But I did get some pictures of the grounds while we were there. It's so pretty. I really hope their rates are within our budget. It's totally out in the middle of nowhere, but I like it. I'll post pictures once I'm caught up with everything else (so like months from now :P). It was really nice there. Mountains surrounding the place and a gazebo and a puppie and just all-around happie. :)  hehehe. Knowing us though once we figure out whether it's in our budget or not we'll call them up and they'll be completely booked for like the next three years. :P

hmmm, what else? It's weird... I know I've said this before, but lately it's really felt like I've been running around crazily but have nothing worth writing about. Did I ever mention that Brian and I went to see a Mets game at Shea? That was about a month or so ago, while the Mets were still in the running and leading their division by a decent margin. I had wanted to see the NY stadiums before they're torn down, so we have Shea checked off our list now. We will have to venture into enemy territory next year. :P  Shea was cool. We were in the upper deck, which was way too high up for me. I am really a baby when it comes to heights. I can't even look down from the top floor of a mall without feeling dizzy. :P  Fenway is nice. I'll take overpriced seats that don't face home plate over vertigo any day hehe. The experience was just different too. Hard to explain.... like, the scoreboard had a lot more cheesy animations designed to get the crowd going. Like if someone got caught stealing they'd have this animation of like a baseball trying to steal something or whatever and like an alligator jumping up and eating him or something and then it would say like "CAUGHT YA!" or something equally as cheesy. And more like get-the-crowd-going music like that "charge!" fanfare thingie. Fenway just doesn't do stuff like that really, so it caught me off guard. And last year I'd heard rumors that Shea had stolen our mid-8th Sweet Caroline thing, and it is true. Part of me liked still getting to do that away from home, but the main part of me was all indignant and thinking like "this is OUR thing!" hehehehe. I am sillie. But Shea was a nice experience, as was hanging out with PJ and his brother, who drove us in from Holyoke. Oh and the Mets were playing the Dodgers, so I saw a bunch of former Red Sox and Grady Little. hehe. I have pictures of Nomar and Derek Lowe warming up and Bill Mueller and even David Wells, who had just been traded. And speaking of Red Sox, as of this afternoon, they officially swept the Angels and are on their way to the ALCS. Both NLDS games were finished in three games too (poor Cubs hehe). The Yankees had pulled ahead 5-3 in their Game 3 against Cleveland though, so that might last longer than just the three games. I at least got some laughing at Roger's failure in though. hehehehehe. I work with a super Indians fan. If things go as they're currently shaping up, next weekend into the following week will be interesting. :P  But for now I am just happie the Red Sox made it. Waiting till Friday though with potentially no baseball till Thursday will suck.

Anyway, my pictures from the San Francisco Zoo are done uploading on flickr, so I want to do some tagging while I have time and nothing better to do. I really do want to do some California blogs at some point hehehehe.